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Gateway Abroad

Gateway abroad is a prime institute and specialized center for IELTS (International English Language Testing System). It has tutored more than 8000+ students and has been a renowned name for more than 13 years

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Our specialized coaching and training center will make sure you learn every possible skill required for IELTS and obtain a good command of the English Language.

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Our global reach spreads through the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand.

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Our foolproof methods have been created with time and precision, and are sure to make you the achiever you always wanted to be

Director MessageDirector Message
  • Elite face of Gateway abroad India.
  • Has made astounding march in field of professional education globally
  • Highly experienced as a result of extensive travel across the globe.
  • Has subsumed into international events organized by various educational bodies.
  • Not only been a part of innumerable seminars but also has conducted them.
  • Posses’ impeccable communication skill with 13+ years experience in career guidance.

It gives me immense pleasure to see such an influx of career-oriented students at my desk, every single day.

Nothing makes me happier to guide and counsel individuals who are striving to achieve their goals. We at Gateway Abroad believe that a fair share of the students’ vigor and our experience can go a long way in establishing the career of the personnel.

After so many years of working with students and educational organizations globally, my experience enables me to share the demands required to shape every student into their utmost potential, and it is with this amalgamation of experience and students’ diligence Gateway Abroad Jaipur has proved to be the No. 1 IELTS training center in Rajasthan.

I wish every participant all the very best for their future and I am excited for this journey we are about to undertake together.

Vision & Mission Vision & Mission

They say “things are better said than done”, but here, at Gateway Abroad, we leave no task undone!

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    Our vision is to produce students that are compatible, confident, and collaborative within their desired field of work, and such characteristics can only be enhanced with the right help. With the set of our skilled workers and talented teachers, we are certain that you will achieve what you desire!

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    Our mission is to prepare students for IELTS (International English language Testing System) and other foreign education related exams. The aim is to provide a platform for intellectual growth and personal and professional development that makes the individual an important asset for the organization.

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    Our objective is to provide an overall training to the candidates that will not only help them clear certain exams but also prepare them for various tasks to be performed afterward like choosing the correct destination, institute, finance plans, etc.

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    Our English Language training program caters to an individual’s need for learning, English language associated exams, and the organization’s requirement for an efficient and proficient candidate.

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    We have a keen eye for budding professionals. Our training helps them enhance their potential and use it in the industry to its fullest. We take into account the possibility of not only a career that is established overseas but also a bright future within the country.

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    Our institute provides training and knowledge irrespective of one’s qualification, age, and profession. For we believe in the motto, “Individuals create their own identity; they just need a helping hand!”
    Continuing the tradition of excellence, the institute is also associated with the British Council and IDP


How We Do It ?How We Do It ?

We have a Success key for IELTS - Renu Arora.

  • We strive to teach students to gain a bold command over the English language by taking into account their speaking skills, writing abilities, listening skills and the overall learning capabilities

  • The preparation consists of well defined teaching methods combined with growth-recording tests. Our approach is student centered and not teacher centered

  • We have one of the most experienced faculty members. The teaching pedagogy caters more to individuals needs rather than group oriented studies

  • The batch size is divided into small chunks rather than big groups of students. The infrastructure is equipped with all the elements necessary for maintaining a proper classroom

  • The curriculum design consists of study materials, mock tests and well structured class lessons. Feedback sessions are conducted on a regular basis

  • One-on-one counseling session available at the expert desk. Consultation, Guidance and Assistance is always available

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