Abhishek Lingwal

I am posting this review a second time full of happiness because the Irish student visa is in my hand !!! It was all possible just because of my mentor Renu ma’am and her team’s effort. In retrospect, never in a hundred years would I have been able to go to the university of my dreams without Gateway Abroad.

When I was stepping in gateway abroad, there were hundreds of questions in my mind on what to choose and where to go. But after meeting with Renu ma’am it all cleared up, she explained to me each and everything and due to her guidance I was able to take a proper decision for my career. In particular, when I was making a wrong decision about my pre-sectional, she pushed me into making the right one.

I did IELTS preparation here and scored 7.5 Band in my first attempt Firstly, GA team is always accessible. It’s great pleasure to have someone with whom you can ask number of questions and there always will be an answer. Secondly, through them, I applied for my course in many universities and I got accepted in University of Limerick, Ireland. One major concern that always hits a person’s mind is fee structure of the course and same was with me but as I already mentioned GA is always concerned about student’s requirement and they are the one who extensively support and promote scholarship and because of their efforts I received very good amount of scholarship.

Now I am looking forward to a bright future of mine all because of GATEWAY ABROAD JAIPUR team love everyone here….. thank you so much.